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New on FunBIM : automatically create and pre-write forms.

FunBIM allows you to upload all kinds of interactive forms.

  • Autocontrol
  • Security
  • ….

You can now pre-write your forms and create them automatically.

Here is an instruction video :  https://youtu.be/H2X0D0Brlu0


Pre-writing forms :

Pre-writing forms can be useful when you often have to enter the same information for a project

e.g. project name and number.

Thanks to this feature you won’t have to type them for every single form.


Automatically generate form

On top of prewriting FunBIM gives you the possibility to link your form to an excel file containing  the list and pertinent information about the materials you are monitoring.

That way FunBIM will automatically create the right number of forms for each specific object and pre-write the appropriate information in the right place.

As a result you are saving time and reducing the chances of forgetting about a form.


Duplicate your projects.

You can create a standard project in FunBIM where you upload all your forms and then duplicate it when starting a new project. All the forms will be duplicated as well. No need to upload them all again.


Ready. Set. Form !

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