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Cloud based mobile construction software, built by construction experts.

Get work done more efficiently on the job site.

Stay connected with all stakeholders, kill rework, and nip costly delays in the bud.

Easy, fast, Reliable

Write less, print less and keep your clients in the loop! FunBIM helps you capture and track data on-site (issues, work progress, forms, …) and send reports to all stakeholders to keep them posted on the latest developments.

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Construction made easy !

Construction companies routinely lose up to 12% of their total contract value on rework mostly due to bad scheduling and ineffective collaboration.

But with FunBIM, you can fix that easily.

A complete toolbox for individuals and professionals

Defect management construction software

Defect management

Snap pictures on-site to let your subcontractors know the exact location of the defects that need a fix

work progress construction software

Work Progress

To get proof that work is finished, simply highlight on your plan, take a picture and funBIM handles the rest.

forms construction software


Forget paper forms ! You can fill-in all your documents from your mobile devices – that’s even less paper to track and take care of.

statistics construction software


With all the data at your fingertips, you need a way to see the bigger picture. Your dashboard tells you everything you need to mak quick decisions.

offline construction software

Offline file viewer

Got no signal ? No problem. You can still read and edit your files, and notify others of your work when you reach a signal-covered area.

BIM construction software


We are hard at work to help you be compliant with the latest BIM regulations. Your projects in 3D soon available.

What can be improved on your projects?

management issues construction software

Management Issues

– Not having enough visibility on site ?

– Not sure the work will be finished in time ?

– Not sure about the quality of the work ?

For Who ?

Main Contractors, Clients, Consultants, Architects

on-site issues construction software

On-site issues

– Spending too much time writing reports (snagging, work progress) ?

– Not sure if you’re working with the latest drawings ?

– Getting delayed by other trades ?

For Who ?

Electricians, Plumbers, HVAC, Facility managers

The Future with BIM for Construction Software

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is extremely powerful but can also be overwhelming and complex.

FunBIM’s mission is to help operatives on-site achieve these new standards with a fun and easy to use plateforme.

BIM construction software

The main contributor to rework is bad communication.

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