Get work done more efficiently on the job site

Cloud based mobile construction software, built by construction experts

Stay connected with all stakeholders, kill rework, and nip costly delays in the bud

Available on Web, Apple and Android devices

Improve efficiencies on your construction projects

FunBIM allows you to easily follow your construction projects.
Which tasks are finished, in progress or to do ?
What is the progress of the different trades ?
Are you on time with your work ?
FunBIM mobile construction management software helps you with this process.

CDE / 3D and PDF viewer

Insert all your documents and photos directly into FunBIM’s Common Data Environment (CDE): give the right information to the right person, and put it just where they would expect to find it.

Task list & Snag list

Snap a picture, and it only takes a few taps on your tablet or phone to let your subcontractors know the exact location of the defects that have to be fixed.


You can fill-in all your quality control documents from your mobile devices — that’s even less paper to track and take care of.

Work progress

See the progress for each floor, the number of obstacles encountered, and the deadlines. Now you can easily assess your risk and delays.

3D models

View your 3D files and navigate seamlessly inside your 2D sheets and views…

Site reports

Easily generate all the reports you need, and send them to all stakeholders to keep them posted on the latest developments.
Less writing, less printing for you, and more information for your clients.

They trust us

Anticipate delays before they get out of hand

Construction companies can lose up to 12% of their total contract value on rework*— mostly due to ineffective collaboration between trades. With FunBIM, you can fix that.


Task & Snag list

Let subcontractors see when tasks are completed so they can step in as early as possible.
Enhanced collaboration? Check.

Client reporting

Let your clients see what’s happening on site, and send them reports automatically.

Collaborate on shared projects

BIM (Building Information Modeling) means everyone works from the same set of documents, models and data.
Site managers, Foremen, Project Directors, Architects, Designers, d’études, BIM Managers, Main Contractors, Clients, Subcontractors… Everyone can see the up-to-date versions and only the info they need. Collaboration doesn’ t have to be a headache.

Roles and permissions

Assign permissions to the different trades on your projects. Users that are in Read-Only mode are free.

Automatic Synchronisation

Got no signal? No problem. You can still read and edit your files, and notify others of your work when you reach a signal-covered area.

Tailor-made for your project and company

Setting up your projects and maintaining them is as easy as it gets with FunBIM.
Simple, efficient and completely configurable for your company and projects (Industry , Civil Engineering, Offices, Housing …).
The software adapts to you and your process to speed up the works on the construction site.



Configure your projects with the levels, areas, housings, buildings and import your project folder with all your quality control plan.

You are autonomous

FumBIM allows you to integrate unlimited documents on unlimited projects without having to require any assistance from the FunBIM team.

Some of our projects …

FunBIM is deployed on project of all sizes : from a private apartment to an international airport from offices, industries, housing, civil engineering …

Radio France refurbishment

FunBIM is proud to help FAYAT ENERGIE SERVICES Grands Projets on the electrical refurbishment of Maison de la Radio (Paris).
Operatives use our application for issue tracking and quality inspections on-site.
Delivery expected Q1 – 2022

14 330 m2 of Office space at Fontenay

FunBim is used by operatives of ENGIE Axima (Plumbing) to help with the defect management, and work progress for the 14 330M2 of office space at Fontenay Sous Bois with BPD Marignan.

Issue management on Com’Unity

FunBIM is happy to assist LEFORT FRANCHETEAU – VINCI ENERGIES and their HVAC trade on the construction site of Com’Unity. FunBIM will be used for : managing issues / Q&A / following up on progress.
Duration : 2 years
Office building of 33 80 m2.

Test FunBIM for free

You can test FunBIM for free for 15 days with the 2D features.
Interested in discovering the features in 3D ? Schedule a demo with us and you will be able test with your own 3D models.

Latest News

Checkout our latest projects, features and FunBIM news.

The 3D viewer now available on iOS

Common data environment with 3D viewer. Display of 2D sheets, 3D views and levels. Display of external links, Work Progress calculation. Snag List. Quality Assurance Forms.

Status of documents

Share the state of your documents to say if they approved, temporary, in the design stage so that your teams on-site are up to date with the latest info.

Work progress on 2D and 3D

You can color the work done on site on your 3D and 2D model and FunBIM calculates the work progress per project, per level, object types.
This will make you win time on your billing process.